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Ruby Weekly Issue 94
May 24, 2012
JRuby Core Team Members Moving to Red Hat
At JRubyConf this week, it was revealed that Thomas Enebo and Charles Nutter - key members of the JRuby core team - are moving from Engine Yard to Red Hat. Learn more about what they'll be up to here.
First Alpha of ruby_parser 3.0 Released
ruby_parser (RP) is a long standing Ruby parser written in pure Ruby but till now it had the disadvantage of not supporting Ruby 1.9 parsing. Now it does! Still only an alpha but a good release to see.
MRI Accepts Google Patch for Google NativeClient (NaCl) Support
Still early days on this but Google has been working on a proof of concept port of Ruby to its NativeClient technology (which lets you compile software to run in Chrome).
Vermont's First Ruby Conference, July 28 - 29, 2012
Burlington Ruby Conf 2012 will take place in Burlington, Vermont on July 28 - 29th. Join like-minded Ruby enthusiasts for Vermont's first Ruby conference, hosted on beautiful Lake Champlain.
Frozen Rails 2012 Call For Proposals Open (Finland, September 20-21)
Three Quick Rails Console Tips from 37signals
Dig into your app with the 'app' method, play with helpers, and find out where certain methods are defined (more a general 1.9 trick though).
Anaphora in Ruby, 2012 Edition
Esteemed essayist Reg Braithwaite updates a popular 2009 article about 'anaphora' in Ruby, namely language elements that can refer back to earlier used objects or results. A lot of geekery to enjoy here.
Integrating Rails and jQuery Mobile
There are some rough edges when integrating Ruby on Rails and jQuery Mobile for your mobile application and jQuery Mobile core contributor John Bender shows you how to smooth these out.
Objectify: A Better Way to Build Rails Applications
Objectify is a framework that codifies good object oriented design practices for building maintainable Rails applications. In this post, James Golick explains the motivations.
You Don't Have to Use Bundler to Create New RubyGems
Not a new or provocative opinion, but nonetheless an interesting introduction to the 'Ore' project generator which I didn't know about before.
Using RubyMotion with
Injection Vulnerabilities in Ruby Apps Through Bad Regexes
A pretty simple issue but one that I suspect is commonplace.
Tossing Out IRB for Pry
Pry is a powerful and popular alternative to the IRB Ruby console. In this post, Phil Aquilina shows off a few reasons why to give it a go.
How to Deliver Your Static Images Through a CDN with Rails
CoffeeScript Love: Testing CoffeeScript in Rails
MochaRails is a mountable Rails engine that serves a browser-based Mocha test suite, along with your development JavaScript files, via the Asset Pipeline.
Libraries and Code
Ampex: A(nother) Practical Use Of Ruby's & Operator
The ampex library takes the idea from '&:symbol', and adds a little more flexibility. An interesting idea.
Introducing Live for RubyMotion
Live is a gem for RubyMotion implementing some of the ideas presented in Bret Victor’s awesome 'Inventing on Principle' talk. It interfaces with the REPL and allows you to control it from the comfort of your preferred text editor.
RubyMotion Autolayout: A DSL for Creating iOS Views in RubyMotion
ActiveRecord Reputation System (from Twitter)
The Reputation System gem makes it easy to integrate 'reputation systems' into Rails applications and decouple the system from the main application.
sheet_mapper: Map Google Spreadsheet Rows to Ruby Objects
ostruct2: OpenStruct Improved
go-mruby: Interface to Embed 'mruby' into Google Go
Visual Ruby: Create Great GUIs using Ruby and Glade
Senior Software Engineer at Zendesk [San Francisco]
Popular hosted helpdesk service Zendesk is looking for a senior engineer with 2+ years of Rails experience.
Rails Engineer at Spatial Networks [Clearwater, Florida]
Last but not least..
Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough: What's New in Ruby 1.9 from a Ruby 1.8 Perspective
To celebrate the opening of my new store, my Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough is 60% off with the code YAY19 (so $7.20 instead of $18) for this week only. If you want an in-depth screencast intro covering Ruby 1.9 from the "What's different to 1.8?" perspective, watch this.
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