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Ruby Weekly Issue 95
May 31, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
As I'm in the middle of the O'Reilly Fluent (JavaScript) conference, this issue of Ruby Weekly is much lighter than usual but the show goes on! Back to normal next week :-) - Peter
JRuby 1.7.0 Preview 1 Released
1.7 is proving to be a big release for JRuby and the first preview is out. A key change is that Ruby 1.9.3 is now the default runtime mode (but 1.8 is still available as an option) and support for Java 7's invokedynamic brings some major performance boosts (when running on the right JVM.)
Heroku's 'Cedar' Stack Now in General Availability
The popular 'Cedar' stack on Heroku that allows you to run multiple processes, multiple languages, and more is now out of beta and is 'generally available'.
Mongoid 3 (MongoDB ORM) Release Candidate 1 Released
The Development of Sequel
A slidedeck by Jeremy Evans about his work on the popular database interaction library.
Full-Text Search in Rails using elasticsearch
Why Our Code Smells
A great slide deck by Brandon Keepers.
Building Streaming REST APIs with Ruby
The Ruby Standard Library Is A Disgrace
Watching and Listening
Making Little Classes Out of Big Ones with Avdi Grimm
In a 'Lunch n' Learn' session with Avdi Grimm, he takes a look at the pros and cons of four different techniques for breaking a too-big class into smaller pieces. 50 minutes long.
RubyMotion with Laurent Sansonetti
As Ruby Weekly may have shown, the RubyMotion Ruby + iOS developer tools have been a big hit lately and their creator Laurent Sansonetti dropped in to chat with the Ruby Rogues about what it all means.
RailsCasts on 'Squeel' - a SQL DSL
Squeel provides a comprehensive DSL for writing SQL queries in Ruby, all built upon Arel. Ryan Bates gives us a tour in just 9 minutes.
Libraries and Code
rake-rails: Bringing Rails Commands to Rake
Ever get confused between which things you should use 'rake' for and which you should use the 'rails' command for? Andy Lindeman brings them both together with rake-rails.
CLAWS: Command Line AWS
A command line based AWS (Amazon Web Services) console with Capistrano integration.
Sextant: Bringing Your Rails Routes to a View
Sextant is a simple addon to give you a /rails/routes URL while in development on a Rails app, as a way to see the routes your app implements. Interestingly, this functionality is being merged into the forthcoming Rails 4.0 as standard.
diffbench: Benchmark Code Before and After a Patch
Senior Web Technologist at Holiday Extras UK
Do you spend your leisure time tinkering with the latest NoSQL du jour or playing with the latest AWS toy? Do you dream of big data? Is GitHub the first thing you think of when someone says the word fork? If so, Holiday Extras is looking for techies like you.
Rails Developers (multiple openings) at Coupa Software [San Mateo, CA]
Rails Developer at Jingle Punks Music [New York City]
Last but not least..
Worqshop: Dev Tools on the iPad
Worqshop is a small development environment for the iPad with GitHub and Heroku support. It includes a code editor with syntax highlighting for Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.
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