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Ruby Weekly Issue 96
June 7, 2012
Rails 3.2.5 Released: Fixes Vulnerabilities and Bugs
Rails 3.2.4 was released last week fixing two serious security vulnerabilities (explained in another post below). Rails 3.2.5 then followed a day later as 3.2.4 introduced a nasty scoping bug.
Take The Ruby on Rails Hosting Survey 2012
Back in 2009 Planet Argon ran a survey of how Rubyists were deploying their Rails apps. We got some interesting (and public) results from it. Now they want to do it again and, of course, share the results again too.
RailsInstaller for OS X: Ruby, Rails, Git, and More in One Download
Engine Yard's RailsInstaller has long been a popular way to install Rails, Ruby, Git, Sqlite and other tools in one hit on Windows. Now it's here for OS X too.
From our sponsor
Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial 2nd Edition, Out Now
Michael Hartl has just announced the official release of the 2nd edition of his popular Rails Tutorial screencast series. It's 15 hours of 'over the shoulder' training in Rails 3.2 using Twitter Bootstrap, Ruby 1.9, and full on test driven BDD.
Forgotten Rails Features: HTTP Streaming
One of a series of posts looking at interesting Rails features that are no longer in the spotlight. Here, Robert May looks at the HTTP streaming features introduced in Rails 3.1.
Using vim-slime with Pry for REPL Perfection
Alan MacDougall demonstrates how you can set up vim so that you can send Ruby code straight from the editor into an interactive Pry session.
A Write Up of the SQL Injection Vulnerability in Rails
Louis Nyffenegger gives a scrappy yet practical explanation of the latest vulnerability in Rails (which has been fixed by Rails 3.2.4/5).
Using ActiveSupport::Configurable to Store Config Options
PhoneGap vs RubyMotion
A somewhat chalk and cheese comparison framework wise but a reasonable discussion of the pros and cons of deploying a similar app using both technologies. An interesting sidenote is it compelled one of the creators of PhoneGap to write a post in response.
Building a Per Project Ruby Console (for non Rails apps) with Pry
Future Versions of Pow Won't Automatically Support RVM
It seems automatic support for .rvmrc files to set the Ruby environment is going away in Pow. There's a simple workaround (using the .powrc file for each project) but it's worth noting for the future.
Heroku Isn't for Idiots
Ruby Is Faster Than Python, PHP and Perl(?)
Uh-oh, controversy alert! Tony Arcieri attacks the myth that Ruby is the slowest language out there with a look at the Alioth Programming Languages Shootout. Sadly, the shootout is rather flawed but the real take away is that all four languages aren't far apart.
Yehuda Katz Explains Rails' Versioning System
Watching and Listening
Using Ruby to Craft and Test Beautiful Command Line Applications
From RubyConf India comes a talk by Shishir Das and Nikhil Mungel about building elegant command line apps with Ruby (on Unix-like systems, naturally). Video good, audio not so good.
Libraries and Code
Sidekiq 2.0 Released, Gets Scheduled Jobs
Sidekiq is a simple but efficient background job processor for Ruby (and Rails.) It's designed to be Resque-compatible but is faster as many jobs can execute in parallel. Version 2 adds scheduled jobs so you can say 'send this email 3 days from now.'
Parts of RubyMotion Open Sourced
RubyMotion is a Ruby compiler/framework for iOS that has recently taken the Ruby world by storm. Its creator, Laurent Sansonetti, has now open sourced parts (but not all) of the framework so that the community can contribute to and extend the platform.
IProcess: Transport Ruby Objects Between Processes
IProcess, short for Inter Process Communication(IPC) Process, is a collection of classes you can use to transport Ruby objects between processes running on UNIX-like operating systems.
SmartProperties: Ruby Accessors 'on Steroids'
Bored of plain old attr_accessors? Include the SmartProperties module and use the property method along with a name and optional configuration parameters to define new properties along with input conversion, validation, and default values.
Rails Software Engineer at (Los Angeles)
Join a killer engineering team to build out a social shopping application where users earn for a cause. You'll be working with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, and building a product you're proud of with an awesome team.
Rails Developer at IBM [Emeryville, California]
As interested in technical verve as years of experience, IBM has positions for junior and senior engineers with a focus on those experienced with Rails, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery.
Rails Programmer at Digital Monitoring Products, Inc. [Springfield, Missouri]
Last but not least..
Why Our Code Smells
A well put together slide deck by Brandon Keepers of GitHub with some interesting points on code smells, primarily focusing on testing.
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