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Ruby Weekly Issue 97
June 14, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Last week I included a link called 'Using vim-slime with Pry for REPL Perfection' which over 800 of you clicked! Sadly, the author's hosting went down the same day.. so I've included it again this week. It also seems everyone's coding instead of writing, so having only one article this week is no mistake.. :-) - Peter.
Announcing Pow 0.4.0 With Support
37signals' Sam Stephenson has unveiled the latest version of the popular Mac OS X zero-configuration web server for Ruby webapp development. Port proxying is one of the new features.
Take My 30 Second Ruby Webcast Survey
I'm planning to run some Ruby oriented 'webcasts' (live, 30-60 minute presentations + live coding) and have a handful of ideas. I want to see which are the most popular and would appreciate your help (or even your own ideas).
Early Access to Avdi Grimm's 'Confident Ruby' Available
Avdi Grimm, author of the popular Exceptional Ruby and Objects on Rails, is working on his new book, Confident Ruby. It's still under development but you can get access now in return for some money or, intriguingly, a postcard.
JewelryBox 1.3 Released: The Official OS X RVM GUI
JewelryBox is a GUI app that brings OS X and RVM together in a loving embrace. 1.3 brings improved usability, gemset management, and Mountain Lion compatibility (it's a signed app, so no GateKeeper complaints either).
Using vim-slime with Pry for REPL Perfection
A repeat item from last week. Alan MacDougall demonstrates how you can set up vim so that you can send Ruby code straight from the editor into an interactive Pry session.
Watching and Listening
The Ruby Rogues Interview DHH (David Heinemeier Hansson)
Dangers of Session Hijacking (RailsCasts)
Ryan Bates of RailsCasts takes a look at the dangers of 'session hijacking' and shows off a way to improve the situation on a Rails app.
Introducing the 'Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots' Podcast
Courtesy of Ben Orenstein and Thoughtbot comes a new development oriented podcast based around Thoughtbot's popular Ruby and Rails blog.
Matz's Keynote at Euruko 2012
This year, the annual European Ruby Conference landed in Amsterdam and here's Matz's keynote to enjoy on Vimeo.
Geoffrey Grosenbach's Euruko Keynote
Let the always mellifluous murmurs of PeepCode's Geoffrey Grosenbach wash over you in this 40 minute keynote.
Libraries and Code
Savon 1.0 Released: 'Heavy Metal' SOAP Client
Okay, SOAP might not be the big deal it once was, but many APIs and enterprise technologies still use it, and Savon, even pre-1.0, has been a popular choice for using SOAP from Ruby.
BubbleWrap: Cocoa Wrappers and Helpers for RubyMotion
BubbleWrap is a collection of (tested) helpers and wrappers used to wrap CocoaTouch code and provide more Ruby-like APIs.
Sinew: Collect Structured Data From Web Sites (by Scraping)
Sinew collects structured data from the Web (using scraping techniques) via a Ruby DSL built for crawling, a robust caching system, and integration with Nokogiri.
Announcing Virtus 0.5.0 (Part of DataMapper 2 Is Done)
Virtus is a key part of the forthcoming DataMapper 2 which provides attributes for plain Ruby objects. You can now use Virtus in modules, dynamically extend objects on the fly, and Structs can be used as an embedded value in other objects.
Doodle: Extended Attribute Accessors for Objects
A Ruby gem for creating extended attribute accessors with defaults, conversions and validations (along similar lines to last week's 'SmartProperties' item).
display_case: Avdi Grimm's Implementation Of The Exhibit Pattern
nanoc 3.4 Released
The popular Web site generation / publishing tool (think a more flexible Jekyll) gets an update.
Bustle: Simple ORM Agnostic Activity Recording/Retrieval with Pub/Sub
RubyMass: Introspect the Ruby Heap on MRI 1.8.7, 1.9.2 and 1.9.3
csv_validator: CSV Data Validation for Rails 3
Markdown Engine Wrapper
An abstraction and wrapper library that gives access to several different Ruby Markdown libraries both in Ruby and via a command line app called 'markdown'.
Grocer: Send Push Notifications to iOS Devices Through Apple
Sort By Field: Sorting by Fields for Arrays and Enumerable Objects
Mina: Fast Deployment and Server Automation Tool
Mina lets you build and run scripts to manage your app deployments on servers via SSH. Ruby based and framework/project agnostic.
Head of Tech or Lead Developer - Purpose (New York, NY)
Manage a new technology initiative for an established agency. The project aims to build tools for the “ethical consumer” and the hands-on role includes all aspects of development, management and deployment. Competitive comp + stock options.
Senior Ruby Engineer/Founding Team Member at Groupiter @500 Startups [San Francisco]
Rails Software Engineer at [Los Angeles]
Last but not least..
Ruby Fiddle: Ruby Snippets in the Browser
If you've done any JavaScript work, you might be familiar with 'JSFiddle' a popular site that previews HTML, JS, and CSS you supply in the browser. Ruby Fiddle aims to do similarly for Ruby, though the code runs remotely.
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