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Ruby Weekly Issue 98
June 21, 2012
RSpec's New Expectation Syntax (Coming in 2.11)
Myron Marston shows off a new syntax for expectations in RSpec. It looks like "expect(foo).to eq(bar)" versus the more typical "foo.should eq(bar)". What's the motivation? Learn more here.
Removing config.threadsafe! from Rails
Core Rails developer Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson looks at why the 'config.threadsafe!' directive can be removed from Rails and demonstrates the issues involved.
Rails Pull Request: Enable threadsafe! By Default
A 2 character pull request that triggered a big discussion about the role of 'threadsafe!' in future Rails apps, best summarized by the Aaron Patterson article linked above.
Why Your Web Framework Should Not Adopt The Rack API
Setting Up an Ubuntu 12.04 Rails Development Environment
Includes Postgres, RVM, and some handy bash aliases.
From our sponsor Quick, Easy & Beautiful Rails Themes
Whether you need to get the foundations of a good polished design that you can customize for a client, or you just want to make a side-project beautiful, is going to get you where you want to go.. fast. (Now launched with the "Envy" theme immediately available.)
Watching and Listening
RailsCasts on Brakeman: The Rails Vulnerability Scanner
Ryan Bates looks at the Brakeman gem, which will scan the Ruby code of a Rails application and alert you to common security vulnerabilities.
Ruby Rogues 59: Security with Rein Henrichs
The Rogues sit down with Rein Henrichs to talk about Ruby and Rails app security from password storage and network sniffing through to the GitHub hack and Rails vulnerabilities.
An Intro to Sinatra
At the Pittsburgh Ruby Brigade Language User Group, Carol Nichols gave a 45 minute introduction to Sinatra, the lightweight DSL for building webapps in Ruby.
Creating A Blog Application in Rails 3.2
An hour long screencast by John Ash walking through the development of a blogging webapp in Rails 3.2.
Evented Ruby vs Node.js
A 40 minute talk by Jerry Cheung from RailsConf 2012.
Libraries and Code
API Taster: Visually Test Your Rails Application's API
A handy tool that works out endpoints from your routes file and then lets you perform requests direct from the Web browser. A clever idea.
Gary Bernhardt's Simple Queue That You Can Pass to
Rails 2 Asset Pipeline: Familiar Asset Handling for Those On Rails 2
An interesting backport of some of Rails 3.1+'s most interesting functionality by Michael Grosser.
cod: IPC Made Simple
A small library striving to 'change the way people do IPC in Ruby.' It abstracts away the toll of using IO.pipe, Sockets and other primitives and allows message oriented communication via a simple interface.
Upsert: SQL MERGE Tricks Codified For 'Upserting' on MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
Portalign: Ruby Gem for Management Of Your EC2 Security Groups
Slacker: Test Framework for SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Programmable Objects
An RSpec-based transacted BDD framework/engine for the automated testing of SQL Server programmable objects (think stored procedures, table/scalar functions, etc.) Runs on both Windows and Linux.
Redis Store: Redis Stores for Ruby Frameworks
Redis Store provides a full set of stores (Cache, I18n, Session, HTTP Cache) for all the modern Ruby frameworks like: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Rack, Rack::Cache and I18n. It natively supports object marshalling, timeouts, single or multiple nodes and namespaces.
Talks: Let Your Ruby Programs Talk To You
A gem that hooks into the text to speech tools available on both Mac OS X and Linux.
RoR Developers at Quri (San Francisco, CA)
Quri, a San Francisco-based mobile and web startup that's transforming the $350 billion trade marketing industry, is seeking an experienced Ruby on Rails engineer to join our growing team.
Web Developer - Threespot (Washington DC)
Responsible for more than development, testing, & documentation of web-based software & technical solutions, our Developers are involved in all stages of client engagements, from application design through specifications documentation & production programming. (Ruby welcome!)
Head of Tech or Lead Developer - Purpose (New York, NY)
Last but not least..
Semaphore: A Hosted Continuous Integration Service for Ruby and Rails
A commercial service but it looks very interesting and has a 14 day trial (Note: This is not a paid item, I've had people ask about this recently. Paid links are in the sponsor and jobs sections only :-))
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