Ruby Weekly
Issue 211 — September 4, 2014
David Heinemeier Hansson
The Rails core team has gained a couple of new members, Yves Senn and Godfrey Chan, but Yehuda Katz is stepping back. Give a shout-out to Yehuda on Twitter @wycats for his epic work on Rails 3 and more.

Thomas Cannon
Thomas first looked at what you stand to gain from switching to MiniTest, before looking at how to port your existing tests.

Robert Pankowecki
A look at an elegant way to decouple your Ruby code from third party code to improve modularity and maintainability, complete with a practical example, and a look at how to test adapters.

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Heroku is often the default platform for new Rails apps (like choosing Mario in Mario Kart). But is it still good value in 2014? Compare our Rails hosting data for yourself…


James Coglan
An extensive write-up of how one app reached bloated table hell when using single table inheritance and how they redesigned and reimplemented their approach.

Josh Clayton
Josh argues that acceptance tests should remain at a similar level of abstraction throughout, using helper methods to do so.

Daniel Kehoe
An overview of authorization techniques in Rails, including role-based authorization, with a comparison of the CanCan and Pundit gems.

Fabiano Pereira
A look at seven steps you can take to build a Ruby app that follows some of the ‘clean architecture’ ideas outlined in Uncle Bob’s famed Ruby Midwest keynote, Architecture, the Lost Years.

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