Ruby Weekly
Issue 223 — November 27, 2014
The first beta of Passenger 5 (aka Raptor) is out and promises substantial performance and throughput improvements, reduced maintenance, extra security, and nginx or Apache are no longer required as it has its own built-in HTTP server.

Richard Schneeman
A look at an optimization included with Ruby 2.2 (not yet a final, stable release) that dramatically changes the performance story when working when string (rather than symbol) hash keys.

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Graeme Mathieson
A complete walkthrough of building a Docker container for a Rails app from creating a Dockerfile to running the app.

Nick Gauthier
A programmer digs into a slow test suite using GDB, finds what’s going on, and narrows things down to a mistake in Capybara usage.

Tom Copeland
Uses ‘pippi’, a runtime analysis tool that looks for inefficient chains of method calls.

Nithin Bekal
A look at a little used and confusing Ruby feature that came from Ruby’s Perl roots. (I was a Perl developer back in the day and I still avoided this..)

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