Ruby Weekly
Issue 225 — December 11, 2014
Confreaks were present at RubyConf in San Diego last month and have been releasing their recordings of the sessions here.

Ben Lewis
Test::Unit style testing has had a resurgence in the past year or two, mostly thanks to Minitest. Ben Lewis looks at some reasons why Minitest is a powerful and popular choice for testing Ruby code.

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From Phusion comes a toolkit to create self-contained Ruby app packages for Linux and OS X as an easy way to ship apps to end users.

Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto
Ruby’s creator, Matz, is working on a new stream based language. It’s in its early days but is clearly influenced by Ruby.

Pablo Cantero
A look at some examples of using Amazon’s queue service, ahead of an introduction to Shoryuken, a project based on Sidekiq that uses SQS instead of Redis.

Official Rails Blog
Just a week after RC1 comes RC2. A final release of 4.2 is expected ‘just in time for Christmas.’

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