Ruby Weekly
Issue 255 — July 16, 2015
Starr Horne
“Case statements in Ruby are a lot richer and more complex than you might imagine,” says Starr Horne. Much of this is from how the case equality operator (===) is used.

Nate Berkopec
A thorough article covering the rationale for caching, how to measure the benefits, and what to think about in the context of Rails.

Michał Kalbarczyk
Opal is a Ruby to JavaScript compiler that’s becoming popular.

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Marko Locher
A look at how you can use Docker-based infrastructure for development, not just for running tests.

Starr Horne
A Ruby-powered look at how Unix sockets can be used for communications between NGINX and Unicorn.

Enumerated types can be extremely handy and there’s no reason they can’t map directly to your (Postgres) database.


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