Ruby Weekly
Issue 279 — January 7, 2016

A look back at the best Ruby Weekly links in 2015
As we mentally reboot after the holiday season, we've been doing roundups in our newsletters - this week it's Ruby's turn. There's a lot to enjoy here.
- Peter Cooper, Editor

A newsy roundup of what happened with Ruby in 2015 that you might enjoy.

Ben Lewis
Walkthroughs and examples for methods like Object#tap, Array#bsearch (a Ruby 2.0-ism) and Enumerable#flat_map. You'll pick up a trick or two here.

Awesome Ruby
At least a couple of hundred gems split up into about sixty categories. This is a curated list rather than a data driven one like Ruby Toolbox.

RedisGreen  Sponsored
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Aaron Lasseigne takes a look at some of the new things we can play with in Ruby 2.2 (but remember 2.3 is out now too), such as Binding#local_variables and Enumerable#slice_after, and Kernel#itself.

Christophe Limpalair
He's definitely not a fan of commented out code.

Adam Fortuna
I think we’ve all had a moment where a bug resulted in money lost, but it takes a brave developer to write up the story.

Aaron Patterson
Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson (he of the Ruby and Rails core teams) shares numerous interesting RSpec vs Minitest insights after using both in earnest. Note, however: ‘Do I care which one you use? No.’

Confreaks TV
If you didn’t make it to RubyConf this year, no problem. Confreaks did a great job of recording it and sharing the videos.


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