Ruby Weekly
Issue 314 — September 8, 2016
Koichi Sasada
Slides from a RubyKaigi talk by Ruby core developer ko1. A new concurrency system called Guild is proposed that groups threads into groups called guilds.

Janko Marohnić
tus-ruby-server is a Ruby server implementation for tus, an open protocol for resumable file uploads over HTTP.

Richard Schneeman
A run-through of common module use cases good and bad, including namespacing, global methods, and sharing code, each judged on its own merits.

Compose | DataLayer  Sponsored
Hear speakers from GitHub, Artsy, ZenDesk many others as they discuss how their teams are optimizing the data layer to scale modern web and mobile apps. Reserve your seat now for this one day event on Sept. 28 in Seattle.

Compose | DataLayer

Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski shows you how to do nested forms and attributes in Rails with the Cocoon gem.

Kei Sawada
This experimental project has a long term goal of making your Ruby code faster, but for now it provides a way to run arbitrary code on Julia’s VM.


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