Ruby Weekly
Issue 327 — December 8, 2016
Leigh Halliday
A look at replacing the routing and views of the Sidekiq UI with a pure Rack implementation, inspired by incompatibilities introduced by Rails 5.

Peter Cooper
Rekognition is a new Amazon Web Service that ‘makes it easy to add image analysis to your applications’ and, indeed, it’s easy to use from Ruby too.

Jesus Castello
Set#compare_by_identity, Hash#transform_values, Thread#report_on_exception, and more. You may also be surprised to find out Float#round will now round to the nearest even number.

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Ansible roles to deploy PHP, Python, Ruby, etc, apps in a Capistrano style.

Sam Livingston-Gray
Refactor your code using a struct table to drive out new understandings of the domain.

Joshua Plicque
The first step is to get ‘legacy’ code covered by tests, then refactoring can begin.

Conner Shea
How GitLab replaced a custom Ruby script with a static site generator (nanoc) and GitLab CI for their documentation site.


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