Ruby Weekly
Issue 360 — August 3, 2017
Richard Schneeman
A performance comparison between Nginx and WEBrick on a simple site. You might be surprised by the answer.

AppSignal Blog
Ruby provides tools that show how the code and its instructions will be provided to the YARV interpreter.

Eventide Project
A toolkit for building a distributed and evented infrastructure that includes commands, events, projections, and support for PostgreSQL and Event Store.

VividCortex  Sponsored
Monitoring is highly important in running apps at scale. Apply best practices from this book to avoid pitfalls.


Sam Pohlenz
Build your back-end quickly and easily using Trestle’s admin builder DSL. (Note: LGPL licensed.)

Avdi Grimm
A refactoring of the interpose method implemented in a previous article (which we linked to last week) that uses a yield-based approach.

Máté Solymosi
Learn how to create your own DSL by using Ruby’s powerful metaprogramming features.

Andy Fang
Sparsam is Airbnb’s implementation of Thrift Serializer in Ruby and here they explain how it’s of significant benefit to them.


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