Ruby Weekly
Issue 381 — January 11, 2018
Yui Naruse
It’s 5-10% faster than 2.4, rescue/else/ensure can now be used directly on blocks, hashes get new transform_keys & slice methods, pp.rb is loaded by default, ERB is 2x faster, and.. a lot more.

Noah Gibbs
The story and status of Just-In-Time compilation in Ruby 3 along with preliminary benchmarks.

From Basecamp comes a new JavaScript framework well suited for Rails apps. Rather than replace your HTML or rendering mechanisms, Stimulus augments existing HTML with functionality.

FormAPI  Sponsored
FormAPI is the easiest way to fill out contracts, tax forms, or any other PDFs. Much easier than Prawn. Use our template editor to configure field positions and types (text, date, checkbox, image, signature, etc.) POST data, then download your PDF.


Scout Blog
AWS Fargate lets you easily run containers on AWS without having to manage underlying container host VM instances.

Thomas Leitner
Three HexaPDF benchmarks vs 2.3 and 2.4. 2.5 shows good progress.

Prathamesh Sonpatki
all?, any?, one? and none? methods can now accept a single pattern argument and perform case equality using it. This may end up coming to ‘select’ and ‘reject’ too.


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