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Ruby Weekly Issue 130
January 31, 2013
This Week's Security Updates Compromised
I wouldn't normally link to a Hacker News discussion but it's a great source of information. Basically, a gem was pushed to that took advantage of a YAML-parsing vulnerability to break into some of the site's configuration files, prompting a widespread security alert. (Things have now died down a bit, thankfully.)
Rails 3.0.20, and 2.3.16 Released Due to JSON Vulnerabilities
Fresh security fixes are out for the Rails 3.0.x and 2.3.x branches. If you're on Rails 3.1.x and 3.2.x, you can breathe easy (for now).
How to Apply a Rails Security Patch
There may be reasons you can't upgrade your entire set of Rails gems so you'll instead want to apply a patch. Brian Buchalter shows how it's done.
Security Announcement: Devise v2.2.3, v2.1.3, v2.0.5 and v1.5.3 Released
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Threads, Not Just for Optimizations
Jesse Storimer looks at some potentially unexpected ways MRI uses threads. A nice investigation.
We Can Solve The Multiple-'Default'-Stacks Problem With Rails Application Templates
Giles Bowkett picks up on the oft-forgotten Rails 'application templates' feature for rolling out fresh apps with custom setups.
One Way 1.9 Drives Me Nuts
Do you think "if !foo" and "unless foo" are functionally equivalent in Ruby? Ryan Davis explains why, in Ruby 1.9, they're not.
Ruby MRI Source Code Idioms #2: C That Resembles Ruby
Chief MRI spelunker Pat Shaughnessy is back with another look at MRI's C source code, this time picking up on how you can read Ruby's C code with an eye trained solely in Ruby patterns.
Functional Eye for the Ruby Guy
A craftily titled blog post that looks at practical applications of Ruby 2.0's Enumerator::Lazy and refinements features.
Ruby and Random
A look at why relying on 'srand' may not be the best solution and a way to get random numbers more securely.
Padrino Framework 0.11 and 1.0
A slide deck that walks through Padrino and looks at what's coming in versions 0.11 and 1.0.
Building a PaaS in Ruby
ActiveState are building what is essential a 'Heroku-in-a-box' which you can run in a VM or on your own hardware cluster. This article goes behind the scenes and shows off what other tools they're using to do it.
Ruby Speedup: Memoize those Methods
A crafty memoization/caching technique involving using ||= and a multi-line begin/end block.
Rails 4 Security for Session Cookies
Handling Requests Asynchronously in Rails
Refactoring the Deeply-Nested Hash Antipattern
Watching and Listening
DRb Basics: A Free MetaCasts Screencast for Ruby Weekly Readers
MetaCasts is a new screencasting venture recently launched by Mark Bates. No money is changing hands but he kindly agreed to let Ruby Weekly readers watch an episode all about Ruby's DRb library for free. Enjoy.
Rails Is Omakase: A Dramatic Reading
Giles Bowkett presents an amusing 'dramatic reading' of DHH's recent "Rails is Omakase" blog post. Steer clear if you have no time for humor though.
Libraries and Code
Sinatra 1.3.4 Released: Bug Fix Release, 1.4.0 Promised Soon
Wrong: A General Assert Method with Rich Failure Messages
Wrong provides a general assert method that takes a predicate block. Hard to remember matchers be gone. Not new but a piece of gold from the archive.
multirb: Run Ruby Code From A Prompt Across Multiple Ruby Versions
Something I've built to help me with recording my Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough.
Primo: A Better, Configurable, Default ('prime') Rails Stack.
I'm not convinced this is the answer but it's an answer.
split: A Rack-Based A/B Split Testing Framework
Sometimes: Let Ruby Blocks Run.. Sometimes
Ruby Infrastructure Engineer
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Test Driven JavaScript and Ruby Developer (San Francisco and Santa Monica, CA)
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Ruby Developer at HouseTrip (London, UK)
Last but not least..
Euruko 2013: Athens, June 28-29
The venue and date for Europe's primary Ruby conference have now been nailed down and they have a Web site ready to roll. No tickets for sale yet but save those dates.
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