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Ruby Weekly Issue 196
May 22, 2014
Notable Changes in RSpec 3
The first release candidate of the forthcoming RSpec 3.0 has been released and the final isn’t far away. Myron Marston of the RSpec project presents an extensive guide to all of the changes in each part of RSpec.
Myron Marston
Using Named Scopes Across Models with ActiveRecord#Merge
ActiveRecord has a ‘merge’ method that provides a way of using a named scope on a joined model. A handy trick neither I nor the author were previously familiar with. Includes a 4 minute screencast showing it off.
Chris Oliver
Using 'git push' to Deploy Ruby Apps to Your Own Server
Want Heroku style deployments on your own metal? This tutorial is aimed at Bytemark users, but since it’s based around Dokku, it’s easily tailored to your own circumstances.
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How Does Rails' MessageEncryptor Work?
Adam Sanderson
When Is An ActiveRecord Model Too Fat?
There’s a lot of advice out there about making your models ‘skinnier’ but how far do you want to go and how do you decide which logic should stay in your ActiveRecord models?
Justin Weiss
3 Simple but Powerful Takeaways from Sandi Metz
3 takeaways from Sandi’s recent RubyonAles talk that provide some simple foundations for creating cleaning object-oriented code.
Jeanine Swatton
How to Test RubyMotion with any Ruby Test Framework
Jack Watson-Hamblin
Using Twitter's Streaming API from Rails
A quick example of using the TweetStream library (which works perfectly fine outside of Rails too) to process live tweets.
Matheus Lima
MetaRuby - An Ounce of Meta
A simple example of creating your own equivalent of attr_reader. Suitable for anyone who hasn’t yet dabbled with metaprogramming.
Adam Sanderson
A Tutorial for Using Vagrant for Rails Development
Vagrant is a tool that creates and configures lightweight, portable development environments within local virtual machines.
Watching and Listening
A 3 Minute Introduction to Rails 4.1 Variants
In both article and screencast formats. Variants provide a way to select different templates to render based upon certain conditions (such as what sort of device is accessing your app).
Ruby on Rails Developer (New York, London or Hong Kong)
We are looking for that person who has a passion for web applications, insists on maintainable code and has fun with the rest of the team. You should be creative and interesting to work with, and we expect you to constantly challenge the status quo.
Senior Software Developer (Potential Future CTO)
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Intermediate/Senior RoR Developer at Abletech (Wellington, New Zealand)
Everyone wants an awesome lifestyle with a fantastic job to match! - If that sounds like you Abletech has two web application developer positions with our Wellington, New Zealand based team of very talented Ruby on Rails programmers.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Ruby 1.9.3-p547 Released
Ruby 1.9.3 is in its security maintenance phase meaning releases only occur if serious issues arise. This release fixes an issue that arises if you have an old version of OpenSSL installed. Only install this if still using 1.9.3 in production.
Ruby News
Generating Fixed Width Documents in Ruby: Introducing Fixy
Fixed width documents are used for certain tax or financial forms or records. Fixy is a library that helps you generate them easily after you’ve declared record lengths, formatting approaches, etc.
RSpec 2.99 and 3.0 RC1 Released
Myron Marston
SmartListing: Data Listing Gem for Rails with Built-in Sorting, Filtering and In-place Editing
baby_erubis: Yet Another eRuby (ERB) Implementation, based on Erubis
Prides itself on being particularly small.
Makoto Kuwata
Napybara: A Lightweight DSL for Defining 'Nested' Capybara Helpers
George Mendoza
Browserlog: Watch Rails Logs Live in the Browser
André Dieb
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