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Ruby Weekly Issue 197
May 29, 2014
If you missed last week's issue due to delivery issues, you can read it online here. It included things like RSpec 3, an introduction to Rails 4.1 variants, and a Ruby 1.9.3 maintenance release.
RubyMotion 3.0 To Support Android
RubyMotion is a toolchain and compiler for Ruby that initially made it easy to build iOS apps in Ruby. It then expanded to supporting OS X desktop apps, but now Android is on the radar too.
RubyMotion Blog
The 8 Rails Google Summer of Code Students and Projects Revealed
Each summer, Google gives stipends to selected students to work on open source projects under mentorship. This year, eight projects have been chosen under the Rails umbrella.
Riding Rails
An Update on the Progress of RVM 2
There was an accusation that after their initial fundraising, things had ground to a halt on RVM (Ruby Version Manager) 2. Not so, says the project’s leader, and he shares the progress so far.
Michal Papis
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7 Reasons Why I'm Sticking with Minitest and Fixtures in Rails
Brandon presents an extensive testimonial for Minitest and why it feels better to him than RSpec for testing Rails apps.
Brandon Hilkert
Upgrading to Ruby 2.1 (and Other Fun with YAML)
FreeAgent is built around a large Rails app and they’ve shared their experiences in upgrading it to Ruby 2.1, looking at memory use and some quirks in dumping times out in YAML.
Jim Weirich on Exceptions
Avdi shares an e-mail from the late Jim Weirich with his thoughts on exceptions back in 2011.
Avdi Grimm
Avoid Rails When Generating JSON Responses with PostgreSQL
Building an API that returns JSON? If you’re tempted to do some queries, build up JSON in a higher level language and return it, you should think twice. This post shows how Common Table Expressions can be great for delivering complex result sets more efficiently.
Dan McClain
How You Nest Modules Matters in Ruby
An interesting quirk.
theScore Tech Blog
MetaRuby - Building Classes Dynamically
Adam Sanderson
On the Road to Continuous Delivery at Localytics
Watching and Listening
The Ruby Rogues' Confessions
Avdi Grimm, David Brady, and Charles Max Wood confess where they sometimes cut corners when working on Ruby apps.
Ruby Rogues
Class Reloading in Rails: The Whole Story (by Xavier Noria)
What's going on in development mode when Rails automatically reloads your code?
RailsConf 2014
Senior Developer (Ruby on Rails)
Our platform deals with huge amounts of data and billions of requests. We work closely with Quality Assurance, DevOps, Product Managers, and frontend and backend engineers to deliver new features and make sure our systems can easily handle high traffic.
Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer (Austin, TX - allows remote)
Exciting opportunity to work with a young, well-funded startup. Come and be the 2nd Senior Rails Engineer on the team and help us crank new features, write specs, and drive the direction of the product.
Curious? (Menlo Park, CA)
Join a passionate company creating a lifelong learning marketplace. We’re hiring a smart, experienced engineer to add to a small, proven dev team. Full stack expertise is a plus but not a requirement.
Libraries, Code and Tools
FortyFacets: For Building Explorative Search Interfaces On ActiveRecord Models
Provides a simple API to create an interactive UI to browse your data by iteratively adding filter values.
Rails 4.1.2 RC1 and 4.0.6 RC1 Released
Release candidates for the next patch releases of Rails 4.1 and 4.0. Very much bug fix releases with lengthy changelogs for both.
Riding Rails
Camcorder: Record Method Interactions for Future Playback
VCR is a popular Ruby library for recording HTTP-based interactions made in a test suite so they can be replayed later. Camcorder takes it a step further by ‘recording’ arbitrary method invocations for later playback.
Gordon L. Hempton
Ruboto 1.1.0 Released: The JRuby on Android Platform
Adds support for large projects (those with more than 64K Java methods) and Ruby stdlib HTTPS/SSL support.
A Two-Factor Authentication Extension for Devise
Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise. Includes an example Rails 4 showing it off.
Tinfoil Security
ActiveJob: Declare Job Classes That Can Be Run by A Variety of Queueing Backends
DHH (and, increasingly, others) has been hard at work on a new part of Rails that will provide a framework for declaring jobs and making them run on a variety of queueing backends.
David Heinemeier Hansson
Last but not least..
A Heavyweight Ruby Playground in the Cloud
Codio has everything you need to run Ruby and Rails (and Node, and more) applications 100% in the cloud and it’s free. You get a beautiful IDE and a dedicated Ubuntu server with Ruby preinstalled for each project.
Codio (Sponsored Item)
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