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Ruby Weekly Issue 200
June 20, 2014
RubyWorld Conference 2014 - Nov 13-14 - Matsue, Japan
The RubyWorld Conference Executive Committee is inviting speakers from around the world to apply to give a presentation at the conference. The Call for Proposals closes on July 25th.
Dress Up Your Minitest Output
The default output from Minitest can be a bit dry but it’s trivial to get something more useful and interesting out of it.
Chris Kottom
RubyConf Portugal: October 13-14 in Braga, Portugal
From our Sponsor
Codeship: Continuous Deployment made simple
Codeship lets you set up Continuous Integration in a few minutes and automatically deploys when all your tests have passed.
Continuously deploy your GitHub/BitBucket projects to Heroku, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, with Capistrano or to or your own servers. Start with the free plan!
Vic Ramon's Ember on Rails Tutorial
An introduction to the Ember JS framework in 22 chapters. It shows you how to build an Ember app with a Rails-based backend and explains all the underlying concepts along the way.
Vic Ramon
Phusion Passenger Design and Architecture
A fascinating deep dive into the architecture behind the popular Phusion app server. Read this and you’ll be more clued in than 99% of users, I suspect.
Getting It Right By Betting On Wrong
Sandi ponders the object oriented design Open/Closed Principle and the art of writing code that doesn’t necessarily have to anticipate what its future requirements are.
Sandi Metz
The Definitive Guide to Arel, The SQL Manager for Ruby
Jiri Pospisil
Calling C/C++ from Ruby
Pits RubyInline, Rice, and FFI against each other with examples.
Kamil Dziemianowicz
Automatic Eager Loading in Rails
In a Rails app, you can minimize the number of database queries made by eagerly loading associated models, but this can have its pitfalls. Joel looks at the potential of doing eager loading automatically with the Goldiloader gem.
Joel Turkel
3 Improvements for a Rails I18n Workflow
Edwin Vlieg
Egison: Ultra Super Pattern Matching
Egison is a Lisp-style programming language for non-linear pattern matching, but its concepts are also made available for Rubyists through this gem.
Getting Started with Neo4j, Ruby 2.1.2, and Rails 4.1.1
Neo4j is a popular graph database system.
Ben Morgan
Watching and Listening
Improving Rails' Performance by Optimizing Memory and Upgrading to Ruby 2.1
Alexander Dymo says the best thing you can do to improve performance of your Rails app is to optimize its memory use and that of the Ruby implementation under it. He looks at how Ruby’s garbage collector works, the implications, and some approaches to adopt.
RailsConf 2014
Phusion Passenger Code Walkthrough
A 27 minute tour.
Senior Software Engineer at (San Francisco, California)
At we are building a new way for scientists to publish peer-reviewed papers, one that is independent from the current system of peer-reviewed scientific journals. Join us in our mission to open science.
Senior Ruby Developer at Digidentity (The Hague, The Netherlands)
Want to join a team of Ruby engineers who are building the future identity management systems? We are creators of the Dutch governmental authentication system used by millions of users and are now launching an identification platform for the British Government
Apply Once & Get 5-15 Job Offers from 950+ Companies (SF, NYC, LA)
Underpaid or undervalued? Want more innovative projects? Let companies–from startups to public corporations–compete for you. See salary, equity and bonus before you interview. Apply for free today.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Rails 4.1.2.rc2 and 4.0.6.rc2 Released
Release candidates that fix up a regression. The final release of 4.1.2 was expected yesterday, however, so other regressions may have been found since, but 4.1.2 is certainly due any moment now.
Official Rails Blog
quartz: A Gem for Calling Go(lang) Code From Ruby
Runs a Go program as a child process of your Ruby app and uses UNIX domain sockets for communication.
David Huie
attr_searchable: Complex Search-Engine Like Query Support for ActiveRecord
Benjamin Vetter
rack-dev-mark: Show A Development Banner when in the Development Environment
Rack middleware that displays a development sash/banner in the corner of your webapp views when you’re running in development mode.
Daisuke Taniwaki
gemoji: Bringing Emoji to your Ruby Webapps
Do you love those small graphical smileys that originated in Japan as much as GitHub does? If so, gemoji makes it easy to integrate them into your own Ruby-based apps. (Thanks to Ruby5 for unearthing this one.)
Abracadabra: Swaps Out Text with A Fully-Compliant Rails Form in One Click
Makes available a ‘click_to_edit’ helper that allows users of your Rails app to click on text and edit it in-line (although it’s somewhat more flexible than that).
Trevor Hinesley
stack_rescue: Automatically Searches Google for Exceptions Raised in Your Rails Apps
Chris Oliver
Angelo: A Sinatra-esque DSL for Reel
Reel is a fast, non-blocking evented web server that works great with multithreaded apps and multithreaded blocking IO. And just like Sinatra, Angelo gives you an expressive DSL for creating webapps, particularly for working with WebSockets.
kenichi nakamura
Last but not least..
Help us build the best open-source training library on the planet
Pluralsight is building the best open-source training library on the planet, and we can’t do it alone. We’re looking for Ruby experts who are passionate about teaching. If that sounds like you, find out how you can create online courses today.
Pluralsight (Sponsored Item)
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