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Matz on mruby, writing a DSL in Ruby, Rails 4.2.0-beta 2, Active Job, and more.
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Ruby Weekly
Issue 215 — October 2, 2014
At the recent Barcelona Ruby Conference 2014, Matz gave a 35 minute talk about a little of Ruby's history and then mruby, a lightweight and embeddable Ruby implementation that Matz and others are currently working on.

ZenPayroll Engineering
A look at building a simple internal DSL in Ruby and why Ruby shines for the task with its variety of metaprogramming capabilities.

Riding Rails
It seems the final release of 4.2 is just around the corner. I’ve been using the early beta and it feels very solid, so it’s a good time to check 4.2 out if you haven’t yet.

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Engine Yard
While developers have been using job queues and background job processes with Rails for years, Rails 4.2 brings built-in support for executing jobs in the background through Active Job.

A look at using Ruby to interact with IO streams through the IO class. Nothing particularly advanced here but if you never do any system IO work, it’s a good primer.


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