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Issue 216 — October 9, 2014
Rails Rumble
Ready to take part in the largest Ruby-related (online) hackathon? Registration is now open and it takes place over October 18-19. And if you’re keen to win, enjoy Brittany Martin’s Dos and Don’ts for Winning Hackathons.

Tom Stuart
An extensive, practical, and interesting dive into the world of monads and using them and their related design patterns in refactoring Ruby code to simpler and more reusable.

Practicing Ruby
The problem: An adhoc script has devolved into an unmaintainable mess. The solution? That’s what this article is all about.

Raygun   Sponsored
Raygun gives you a complete overview of software bugs and crashes that are happening in your applications. Just add a few lines of code to your application and start fixing bugs before your users are affected.


Jason R. Clark
A tight and tidy talk that covers techniques for digging into daunting pieces of code to figure out what’s going on inside.

Chris Kottom
Minitest gives you the ability to denote that some or all of your test cases are able to run concurrently. Here’s how to do it and some benchmarks on the effect it has.


  • Ruby PaaS Developer (London UK, ~6mths)Great opportunity to work on a ruby platform that is all about scale, ensuring Comic Relief is able to process in excess of 400 card transactions per second, utilising Cloud Foundry, micro-services, Mongo/Redis in an agile/pairing environ.
  • Senior Software Engineer at Loot Crate (Los Angeles, CA)Want to be a key member of a small team developing a high-volume web application using all of the latest technologies? Have Rails/Spree/e-commerce experience? Love geek, gaming, and pop culture gear?
    Loot Crate
  • Ruby developers - spend 60 seconds applying to 50 jobs at once Interested in an NYC startup job but overwhelmed by options? Apply on Founders & hiring managers will email you directly if interested. Your new company won’t have to pay exorbitant recruiting fees to hire you.

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