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Ruby Weekly Issue 28
February 10, 2011
Welcome to an all-new week of Ruby and Rails related news... it's issue 28 of Ruby Weekly.
Notable news
Rails 2.3.11 and 3.0.4 Released
Two new versions of Ruby On Rails have been released this week. As well as including a number of bugfixes they contain fixes for some security issues (details of the vulnerabilities are available on the rubyonrails-security mailing list).
JRuby 1.6.0.RC2 Released
JRuby 1.6.0.RC2 has been released - the big 1.6.0 release isn't far away! Many of the tweaks from RC1 to RC2 are related to Ruby 1.9.2 compatibility - the main new feature promised in 1.6.
RSpec 2.5.0 Released
RSpec 2.5 is a minor upgrade, and is fully backward compatible with RSpec 2.4. It includes several bug fixes, enhancements, and one deprecation.
15 Hours to Rails 3 Confidence?
Michael Hartl has put together a stunning combo with his freely readable 'Rails 3 tutorial' site but it truly comes into its own with his 15+ hours of (pay-for) screencasts showing you how to use Rails 3 from start to finish. Packed with value.
Notable articles
Passing Blocks in Ruby Without &block
An excellent blog post by Paul Mucur that demonstrates the inefficiencies of accepting a block through a parameter in your methods (vs the 'yield' approach) and how to work around it while still getting the benefits.
New Ruby 1.9 Features, Tips and Tricks
Ruby 1.9 packs in a lot of new and improved features at all levels. Ilya Grigorik shares an interesting grab-bag of about 30 different changes and new features here.
Improving Your Tests with Capybara Custom Selectors
PlataformaTec shares how they've used the custom selectors feature in Capybara to improve their test suites.
Ruby Performance in the Rails Development Environment
Erik DeBill discovers that while all Rails apps get a little slower as they get larger, JRuby is less affected than other Ruby implementations.
Modules: How Do They Work?
Modules are great for providing namespaces, mixing in behavior across classes, and even as placeholders for global methods. Michael Edgar takes a technical look at how mixing-in modules works in Ruby 1.9.
Delivering E-mail with Amazon SES in a Rails 3 App
Just a week after Amazon revealed their SES (Simple Email Service), Dan Croak rapidly got to work using it to send e-mail from a Rails 3 app. He shares how he pulled it off.
Testing Philosophies [Video Presentation]
Rob Kaufman discusses common testing philosophies and methodologies in use by the Ruby community. It's a video but you can download the slides too.
Ruby's define_method, method_missing, and instance_eval
Trotter Cashion presents a code-driven tour through some of Ruby's most interesting methods as frequently used for metaprogramming and DSL creation.
Notable libraries and code
sorcery - A New Rails 3 Authentication Solution
sorcery is 'magical authentication' for Rails 3.0 inspired by restful_authentication, Authlogic and Devise. A little extra diversity in the limited Rails authentication ecosystem is welcome.
rails-sh: A Shell for Rails 3 Development
rails-sh is a mini shell for rails3 that provides a uniform and quick access to commands. Why? To speed things up significantly compared to running straight from the normal shell.
Wrest: A Caching, REST/HTTP Client Library
Wrest is a a fluent, easy-to-use, object oriented Ruby HTTP/REST client library with caching support that runs on MRI Ruby, JRuby and rbx by Sidu Ponnappa.
HTTPS by Default
Jeremy Ashkenas demonstrates how to get a Rails app to force all requests on to HTTPS by default. Short but sweet.
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Rails Developer [Cleveland, OH]
Within3 is a professional networking site for the top institutions and physicians in the healthcare industry. At least 3-5 years of Ruby experience is needed as well as thorough knowledge of front-end technologies (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript).
Senior Ruby and Sinatra Developer [SF and Santa Monica, CA]
TRUECar, Inc. is looking for a Ruby developer with Sinatra experience to work on improving their car price research service. Your TDD and Agile-fu needs to be strong. A highly competitive salary, 100% medical, and equity are offered.
Sr. Ruby Developer [San Diego, CA]
StockTwits wants a senior-level Ruby developer with Ruby, Rails (with HAML), TDD and HTML5 experience. A Bachelor's degree or better in Computer Science or a related technical discipline is required.
Last but not least..
Documentation is Freaking Awesome
An awesome slidedeck by Kyle Neath of GitHub that looks at the importance of documentation in any open source project and the tools you can use to make your life easier. A must see.
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