Ruby Weekly
Issue 204 — July 17, 2014
Steve Klabnik
A well-written, friendly walkthrough of building a Ruby gem from scratch (even suitable for non-Rubyists) by one of the best known members of the Ruby community. It’s interesting to see how he goes about it.

Chris Oliver
Ryan Bates might not be back yet, but this new collection of Rails-focused screencasts is pretty good.

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Chris Seaton
The Truffle runtime is an experimental implementation of a significantly faster and simpler interpreter for JRuby. Chris Seaton looks at how JRuby with Truffle is on average 9x faster than regular JRuby or MRI. Early days but interesting stuff.

GoRuCo 2014
Aaron Quint looks at how Ruby 2.1 has begun to provide us with a myriad of new features for debugging performance problems. This is deep stuff going down to the garbage collector, looking at object allocation maps, profiling, tracing, and more.

Ezequiel Delpero
A look at a variety of examples of short bits of code that show off bad practices commonly found in old Rails projects.

GoRuCo 2014
Debugging is a way of life for developers. James Golick explores the tools and techniques that have helped his diagnose defects in code over the years.

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