Ruby Weekly
Issue 205 — July 24, 2014
RedDotRuby 2014
Last month at RedDotRuby 2014 in Singapore, Koichi Sasada of the Ruby core team gave the opening talk looking at the Ruby Association’s work, how the core team works, goals for future Ruby versions, various Ruby tricks, and similar useful stuff.

Rails Rumble
The always popular Ruby webapp development competition is back for its 2014 run and is now supported by Heroku. Registration opens October 6th and we’ll try to mention this again nearer the time.

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Ian C. Anderson takes a quick look at Ruby 2’s keyword arguments feature. From the archives, I've also produced a 6 minute video guide to keyword arguments if you want even more on the topic.

Aaron Lasseigne
Know the difference between Object’s ‘clone’ and ‘dup’ methods? They both create shallow copies of objects, but there’s a bit more to it as Aaron demonstrates here.

RedDotRuby 2014
Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson of the Rails core team looks at ways they’ve been speeding up Rails for its next release, as well as techniques for speeding up other elements of Rails apps and eliminating bottlenecks.

RedDotRuby 2014
Bryan Helmkamp looks at the basics of Docker (the Linux software container toolkit), the advantages of container-based virtualization, and how to setup Rails deployments using them.

A gem that wraps around static analysis gems such as Reek, Flay and Flog to provide a quality report of your Ruby code.

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