Ruby Weekly
Issue 209 — August 21, 2014
David Heinemeier Hansson
DHH has written the release post for the first beta release of Rails 4.2 and covers many of the new features, such as ActiveJob, ActionMailer#deliver_later, tenderlove’s ‘Adequate Record’ optimization work, the Web Console, and more.
Koichi Sasada proposes introducing an incremental garbage collection algorithm in Ruby 2.2 in a bid to reduce GC pause time.

Raggi is handing over the Rack (the Web server interface) baton to Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson, but also explains Rack’s history and changing role within the Ruby ecosystem.

Ninefold  Sponsored
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Ruby News
Extended maintenance of 1.9.2 ended on July 31st, but a critical security release for anyone still on 1.9.2 has made it out (the vulnerability is in parsing forms with URI).

Jack Hoy
What can you pick up when you spend three days training with the author of Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby?

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