Ruby Weekly
Issue 208 — August 14, 2014
Code School
Fun viewing as Gregg Pollack and Carlos Souza implement a search feature on a Basecamp-like app, then David Heinemeier Hansson obfusc^H^H^H^H^H reviews and refactors it. (What’s up with that find_jump_target though..?)

Code School

Cristiano Betta
Dokkufy is a Ruby gem that makes it simple to set up your own mini Heroku-style deployment system on your own server. P.S. If you haven't used Dokku yet, it's awesome - well worth checking out.

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Nick Sutterer
Nick picks up on the janky and non-object oriented way in which helpers are often used in Rails apps and suggests an alternative.

Andrew Kane
Provides an elegant API to group objects by time related attributes, so group users by the month, year, week (etc.) that they joined, and so forth. Aimed at Rails 3.1+.

Charles Nutter
Just a slidedeck for now, but a good one, with a look at a variety of hard problems JRuby developers have had to solve covering areas from parsing, interpreting, and compiling, to optimization, native libraries, startup time, and more.

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