Ruby Weekly
Issue 227 — January 1, 2015
Ruby News
As expected, Ruby 2.2 was released on Christmas Day (a long standing Ruby tradition). With a new incremental garbage collector and the garbage collection of symbols, both performance increases and a reduction in memory usage are promised. The forthcoming Rails 5.0 will also require Ruby 2.2 or later.

Official Rails Blog
Includes Active Job (a queueing/job framework), asynchronous mailing (using Active Job), Adequate Record (a set of Active Record performance improvements), the Web Console, and more. The official release notes are packed with info.

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Ben Kaufman
The Ruby world has lost another good developer. RIP James.

Nate Berkopec
A summary of some recent debate over the role of the now-terminated RubySpec project alongside MRI and JRuby.

It’s still in beta and there have been issues with compilation on certain platforms/scenarios, so wait for the final before putting it into production. It’s shaping up to be a great release though.

Daniel Kehoe
Now updated for the final 4.2 release.

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