Ruby Weekly
Issue 228 — January 8, 2015
Parker Moore
There has been quite some debate about this behind the scenes. Parker’s conclusion: ‘Append #localtime calls anywhere you use Time#parse and want your system timezone respected.’

Mike Perham
Mike Perham reminds us that if we only need to perform a simple activity over the Web using Ruby, we can use CGI rather than a full webapp. (Indeed, Ruby Weekly’s subscription mechanism worked like this for a few years :-))

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Nils Jonsson
‘Autoloading’ is when Ruby only loads a module upon the first time it is used, but you still need to define what’s to be autoloaded. Autoloaded removes that step.

Domas Bitvinskas
Provides an API to let you query ActiveRecord models from JavaScript.

Riding Rails
Rails 4.2 is out so these are maintenance releases for older branches. Notably, 4.0.13 is the last release of 4.0 with security fixes now only on 4.2.x, 4.1.x, and 3.2.x.

Joshua Peek
ECMAScript 6 (ES6) is the foundation for the next version of JavaScript and the 6to5 project converts ES6 code to more browser-compatible ES5 code. The Sprockets asset packager is going to support ES6-to-ES5 translation out of the box bringing more modern JavaScript concepts to Rubyists by default.

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