Ruby Weekly
Issue 241 — April 9, 2015
Awesome Ruby
At least a couple of hundred gems split up into about sixty categories. This is a curated list rather than a data driven one like Ruby Toolbox.

Jason Swett
A tutorial that covers the practicalities of getting Rails and Angular to work together in the scope of building a single-page JavaScript-based webapp.

Janis Miezitis
The Enumerable module is full of interesting methods, many of which aren’t commonly seen in the wild. This post looks at a few interesting ones.

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Matt Brictson
Matt starts ‘Minitest seems to be enjoying a spike in popularity’ and this seems to be true with all the posts I'm seeing lately.

Maciej Mensfeld
MRI has a single global method cache per process, not per thread, and this can have implications in heavily threaded Ruby apps that perform certain operations.

Kazuki Tanaka
Aims to bring the advantages of static typing ‘without changing existing code’s behavior’. It lets you easily define runtime type check assertions, somewhat like contracts.ruby - but beware the performance implications.


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