Ruby Weekly
Issue 240 — April 2, 2015
Sam Saffron
A look at how the team behind the Discourse forum software deal with memory leaks in Discourse using new features in Ruby 2.1 and above. A lot to enjoy here.

Hampton Catlin
As with each year, over a thousand people filled in Hampton’s annual Ruby survey and the results are now here. Ruby 2+ usage has gone from 80% to 92% in the past year and Vim has become the most popular text editor.

Mailgun  Sponsored
RESTful API abstracts away the messy details of sending transactional or bulk email. No gem installation required. The first 10,000 emails are free each month. Try Mailgun now


Build good looking data dashboards using premade widgets or code your own. Shopify is using this for dashboards on TVs around their office.

A classic Ruby book has been brought up to speed with the Ruby 2.x world and remains as good as ever (I’ve had a read). The publisher has given us code RUBY35 for you to take 35% off the ebook or print book (though not the bundle).

The Pragmatic Studio
In this 20 minute screencast, Mike Clark walks through the handy new e-mail sending features in Action Mailer in Rails 4.2+.

MongoDB has been working on a more official effort to provide Rubyists and library authors (such as those of Mongoid) with a baseline Ruby driver to access a wider range of Mongo’s newer features.


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