Ruby Weekly
Issue 243 — April 23, 2015

As I write, Sandi Metz is entertaining the crowds at RailsConf (and those of us on the livestream) so a big shout out to everyone at RailsConf, I hope it's going well! - Peter C

Confreaks has been recording RailsConf in their usually excellent style, this year using YouTube to livestream the main room (see schedule). This first video includes DHH’s keynote, with day 2’s video including Koichi Sasada, Ryan Davis, Noel Rappin, and more.

Hubert Łępicki
Some reflections on DHH’s RailsConf keynote and two key Rails 5 introductions: Turbolinks 3 and ActionCable (a new mechanism for real-time message passing over WebSockets)

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Jim Gay
In my experience, by virtue of being newer, instance_exec is less commonly seen in the wild but can be particularly useful in certain cases. Jim Gay takes a look at how it compares to instance_eval

Lawson Kurtz
The Slack chat platform has become popular at many companies, including here at Cooper Press. This tutorial looks at the basics of integrating a Rails app with it.

Santiago Pastorino
“As of today, Rails API provides: trimmed down controllers and middleware stack together with a matching set of generators, all specifically tailored for API type applications.”


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