Ruby Weekly
Issue 244 — April 30, 2015
Tom Dalling
Sick of FizzBuzz yet? Even if so, Tom uses it as a vehicle to explore some extra ideas, like functional programming, lazy generation, and enumerators.

Tom Dale
Tom Dale, of Ember fame, reflects on his RailsConf experiences and what the forthcoming updates to Rails mean for its future.

A look at included, extended, prepended, inherited and method_missing and what they can be used for.

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JRuby 9000 is the new version of JRuby, representing years of effort and large-scale reboots. 9000 includes Ruby 2.2 compatibility and a new optimizing runtime.

Chris Kottom
You can use Minitest to make assertions about the performance of code. But why, and how?

Gerald Bauer


In brief