Ruby Weekly
Issue 245 — May 7, 2015
Justin Weiss
Reducing the amount of database work needed in an app by using caching is a great first step, but what can you do when you finally need to optimize database use?

Nando Vieira
One plus for RSpec is its high quality output, but you can easily write your own Minitest ‘reporters’ too to get any sort of output you want. Here’s how.

The Ruby5 Podcast noticed that has passed 5 billion downloads.

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Hal Fulton
Hal Fulton, author of The Ruby Way (the 3rd edition of which came out recently), reflects on some of the many changes Ruby has experienced in less than a decade.

Jan Lelis
String#unpack and Array#pack provide handy ways to both create and parse lower level representations of data. This article-meets-cheatsheet shows off a variety of ways they can be used.

Jeroen van Baarsen
Rubocop is a static code analyzer for Ruby that follows a community-built Ruby style guide. This post shows how to integrate it with your development workflow.

Official Rails Blog
Includes things like enhancements for the asset pipeline, evented file system monitoring, cookie refactoring, and improvements to


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