Ruby Weekly
Issue 248 — May 28, 2015
Jamie Patel
A fascinating tour of the practicalities behind WebSockets via implementing a WebSocket-based server from scratch using only Ruby’s built-in socket libraries.

Rick Carlino
A 9 minute screencast introduction to a new(ish) framework I keep seeing people rave about lately.

Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski
A tutorial covering how to integrate the CanCanCan authentication library into a simple demo Rails app.

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Jordan O'Mara
Sneakers is a library for letting a Rails app subscribe to RabbitMQ message queues.

A complete tutorial covering how to configure the Capistrano deployment tool to deploy a Rails app to a server using Puma.

Aidan F
Swift is a new(ish) language for iOS and OS X development produced by Apple.

Sean Huber
A look at how common ActiveRecord validations port to Postgres constraints in SQL.

Avdi Grimm
A quick 5 minute introduction to one of my favorite gems.


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