Ruby Weekly
Issue 249 — June 4, 2015
Application templates are Ruby files that use a DSL for adding gems/initializers and other features to freshly created Rails projects. Glenn Goodrich shows off some examples.

Avdi Grimm
Avdi compares the performance of multiple ways to dispatch calls within an object, from dynamic to hard coded approaches.

Stefan Wintermeyer
A 500 page book available in Kindle format. Usually around $10 but Stefan has made this available free for today only (most likely before midnight Pacific time on June 4th).

DigitalOcean  Sponsored
DigitalOcean provides simple cloud infrastructure that’s built for developers. You can deploy an SSD cloud server in under a minute and run it for as little as $5/mo (512MB RAM, 20GB SSD, 1CPU, 1TB transfer). Use promo code DO10 for $10 credit.


Bert Goethals
A quick reminder of how using Hash’s ‘default’ mechanism can help produce more lazily evaluated code.

If you want to help fund the development of what I'm sure will be ten great in-depth Ruby articles, check this out. Greg's reputation is beyond reproach. Don't believe me? Enjoy some of these previously published works.

InfraRuby Vision
An intriguing project which compiles specially type annotated Ruby (so don’t expect Rails to run!) to run rapidly under the Java Virtual Machine. Usage instructions here.

RubyFlow was created so any Rubyist could easily share their blog posts, libraries, etc. with the community. It gets about 10 posts a day and we use it to find items for Ruby Weekly so consider posting there too :-)


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