Ruby Weekly
Issue 253 — July 2, 2015
André Arko
The new ‘lock’ command resolves and creates a Gemfile.lock without installing any gems; you can turn off install messages (for, say, HTTParty); and, controversially, the Bundler version used is now stored in Gemfile.lock (and they explain why).

Official Ruby Blog

Phil Nash
Supposedly Larry King tweets by calling a number and dictating what he wants to say. This tutorial ties together Ruby and Twilio to let you do the same.

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Emcien, Inc.
IsoLatte runs a block of code in a separate process and passes exceptions back to the original process through a pipe.

Richard Schneeman
A look at Unix signals, what Ruby does when it receives various types of signal (e.g. SIGTERM) and how you can trap a signal yourself.

Radek Pazdera
Quick, quirky and fun. Uses RMagick and the tco gem to read pixels then output blocks of the same color on the terminal.

One year ago we posted this and I wanted to revisit it as it's packed with cool stuff. It's a collection of interesting Ruby tricks from the folks over at the /r/ruby sub-Reddit.

Rack forms the foundation for most Ruby-based webapps and if you’re not familiar with creating ‘middleware’ it’s worth picking it up.


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