Ruby Weekly
Issue 257 — July 30, 2015
Starr Horne
Billing Fiddle as “the Ruby standard library’s best kept secret”, Starr Horne demonstrates how to use C libraries from Ruby using it.

Nate Berkopec
rack-mini-profiler provides an suite of tools for measuring the performance of Rack-enabled apps, including drill downs on SQL queries, server response times, execution times with flamegraphs, and memory leaks.

Matt Brictson
Matt Brictson shares the videos of his eight favorite talks from Railsconf 2015 along with why each is worth watching.

Reinteractive  Sponsored
Some Rails apps don’t get the love and attention they deserve and become harder and harder to maintain. Get these onto CodeCare, a fixed price, month to month Ruby on Rails application maintenance service, and relax.


Nate Berkopec
Most articles about scaling come from companies demanding hundreds of requests per second from their apps, but “what about scaling for the rest of us?”

Benoit Daloze
Brian Shirai decided to cease work on RubySpec last year, but unexpected it was picked up and is now proving as useful as ever.

Passenger Library
From Phusion’s new ‘Library’ documentation project comes this almost ‘choose your own adventure’-style guide to deploying a Ruby webapp with Passenger on numerous services and Web servers.

Janko Marohnić
Sequel is pretty awesome if you want to try something other than ActiveRecord.


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  • Ruby on Rails Developer at Asynchrony LabsAsynchrony Labs is an IT consulting firm specializing in development, mobile, systems and sensor integration and tactical collaboration. If you like to solve interesting problems through technology, you'd love the culture at Asynchrony. Asynchrony Labs
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