Ruby Weekly
Issue 258 — August 6, 2015
Richard Schneeman writes about how Heroku set about producing a patch for Rails that improved response time by more than 10%.

Juanito Fatas
If squeezing out each drop of performance from your Ruby code is key, these benchmarks, comparisons, and examples could prove useful, and you can submit your own entries for inclusion too.

Ilija Eftimov
It’s natural to test your code for the positive, expected outcomes, but testing that your code returns exceptions in the way users will expect is a wise idea too.

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Philippe Creux
A look at the benefits of using data objects and how to use to Virtus to turn a complex data structure of nested hashes and arrays into such objects.

Jamis Buck
Using a not commonly seen Ruby operator.

Bozhidar Batsov
A slidedeck that doesn’t entirely work on its own but will provide a narrative for those interested in the concepts.


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