Ruby Weekly
Issue 264 — September 17, 2015
Owen Peredo Diaz
Has a bit of a WordPress feel to the admin system. There’s a ‘Deploy to Heroku’ button too if you want to give it a quick spin.

Piotr Murach
Minimal and aimed to work in all terminal emulators. It doesn’t monkey patch the String class either.

Callum Dryden
A look at monitoring runtime memory consumption and using GC settings (such as RUBY_GC_HEAP_INIT_SLOTS and RUBY_GC_HEAP_GROWTH_MAX_SLOTS) to work on memory issues.

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Jamis Buck
Heredocs make it possible to define multi-line strings cleanly using custom defined delimiters. Jamis takes a look at how they can be used in Ruby.

Avdi Grimm
A quick example of Crystal, showing how similar its syntax is to Ruby. It’s an interesting new language that basically provides a Ruby-like syntax but that compiles down to native code.

A library that enables you to easily send information about your Sidekiq jobs to a channel on your team’s Slack.

Dotan Nahum
A look at how to build a Ruby gem around a native extension written in Go, a possibility enabled by Go 1.5’s c-shared build mode.


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