Ruby Weekly
Issue 266 — October 1, 2015
A well recorded 2 hour(!) joint programming session with Yehuda Katz and Gavin Joyce. Tons to learn and pick up here, particularly if you want to use Rust alongside your Ruby applications.

Leigh Halliday
Not only is Rails good for traditional fully rendered webapps, Rails 5’s ‘API mode’ makes it an ideal framework for building APIs, such as might be behind a single page JavaScript app.

Richard Schneeman
“Have you ever wondered who out there is using a gem? Now there’s an easy way.” Essentially a way of using’s API to see a gem's dependents.

RedisGreen  Sponsored
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Full Stack Fest 2015
Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson tours the request and response lifecycle in Rails, and how support for things like HTTP2 will fit into it.

Steffen Schildknecht
A walkthrough of using an upcoming part of Rails 5 to build a WebSocket powered chat system within a Rails app.

DHH on Twitter
Basecamp is doing 2,000 requests per second against a Rails app behind nginx + Unicorn, says DHH.

The latest in a series of tutorials about auth solutions for Rails. This time, Clearance, built by Thoughtbot, is put under the microscope.

Riding Rails
Rails again participated as an organization in this year’s Google Summer of Code. This post looks at the six projects it fostered.

Union Station is Phusion’s new take on Passenger app monitoring and analytics. It’s a paid service, however.


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