Ruby Weekly
Issue 267 — October 8, 2015
Gabe Berke-Williams demonstrates how to create your own simple DSL for quickly creating webapps.

Nick Ostrovsky
Is there a way to blindly assign nested values to a Ruby hash without creating each key’s hash separately? Yes, but it’s more involved than you’d think.

A look at materialized database views and how bringing Postgres’ implementation of them into a Rails app can make it more efficient.  Sponsored
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Mateusz Lenik
Quines are self-replicating programs that, when run, print their own source code.

Francois-Guillaume Ribreau
Detect up to 1979 disposable email providers. Available not just on Ruby, but also Node, client-side JS, PHP, Elixir, and other languages.

Full Stack Fest 2015
With a subtitle of “How a Naive One-Liner Beats C”, Yehuda Katz demonstrates the efficiency gains and motivations behind building a native extension in Rust.

Chris Northwood
Turns a directory of .scss files into a gem which can then be deployed through the RubyGems ecosystem.


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