Ruby Weekly
Issue 269 — October 22, 2015
Matz has accepted a new element of syntax into Ruby. Instead of writing something like if u && u.profile && u.profile.avatar you’ll be able to write if u.?profile.?avatar.

Jamis Buck
Interesting, clever, fun and crazy in equal measure. Jamis Buck looks at the potential for shenanigans with methods that are defined within other methods, from memoization to an entire text adventure.

Tobias Pfeiffer
The effect of dynamically defined methods on performance from a real world project.

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The JRuby Blog
JRuby has been released and includes three key performance improvements on postfix rescues, define_method, and the JITing of blocks (not just methods).

Ruby News
Matz and the Government of Fukuoka invite you to enter a Ruby competition with a top prize of 1 million yen. It’s open to anyone with a Ruby-focused project produced in the past 12 months.

Starr Horne
“Like so many other great ideas, the original concept of refinements had to be tweaked in order to make it work with cold hard reality.”

Phrack Magazine
While we can’t support using these techniques, it’s handy to see some of the potential security flaws in your apps.

Ken Collins
“We got a lot of work done along with establishing some big milestones for those using Windows and/or SQL Server with Ruby.”


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