Ruby Weekly
Issue 270 — October 29, 2015
Rails Rumble
The popular online Ruby (it’s not just Rails) hackathon starts on November 7th. If you win, a rather epic boxing-style belt could be yours.

Jamis Buck
Jamis Buck shows off BulkInsert (BuckInsert, surely? ;-)), an ActiveRecord extension to make it quicker to insert 1000s of rows at a time using batch INSERTs.

Janko Marohnić
Shrine is a new plugin-driven solution for handling file uploads in Ruby apps that aims to provide a very simple interface for developers.

Bloc IO  Sponsored
Learn every component of an application: the database, server and client-side code, and front-end markup. Bloc is an immersive, outcome-oriented online program with 1-on-1 mentorship, learning by building real applications, and career support.

Bloc IO

Calle Erlandsson
ARGF gives you files referenced in command line arguments or passed in over standard input.

Jason Cummings
This sort of ad-hoc ‘scripting’ style programming is my Ruby bread and butter nowadays. Ruby is amazing for once-off jobs as shown here.

Brian Shirai
Brian Shirai, famous for his work on Rubinius, the highly concurrent Ruby implementation, has founded a socially-beneficial company to focus on Rubinius’ ongoing development.

Robb Shecter
You’ve no doubt seen “wrong number of arguments (3 for 2)” errors before. Now they’ll be (given 3, expected 2) instead. A minor but welcome change.

Leigh Halliday
Once you’ve got your Rails app into a Docker container, how can you get it quickly and simply deployed? (In this case, on Heroku.)


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