Ruby Weekly
Issue 276 — December 10, 2015
Luca Guidi
H2O is a performance-oriented HTTP server that includes an embedded Ruby intepreter (using MRuby) which can be used to run Rack apps (of a kind).

Andre Arko
An enjoyable, educational talk covering the history of how Rubyists load external code and libraries, through to why Bundler was created, what it does, and how.

Nithin Bekal
All being well, Ruby 2.3 will arrive on Christmas Day, but a preview release has been out for a while. What’s new? Nithin Bekal looks at a handful of features.  Sponsored
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A look at how some engineers migrated a legacy project from Mongo to Postgres, and some tips for doing it yourself.

Laura Frank
A write up based on a 40 minute talk that covers setting up Docker and building a container to run a Rails app.

Starr Horne
If you can’t remember the scores of useful utility programs available at the Unix command line, you could just emulate them with some Ruby..

Leigh Halliday
A look at 4 increasingly faster ways to import 50,000 records into a database used by a Rails app.


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