Ruby Weekly
Issue 275 — December 3, 2015
Richard Schneeman
A look at how to take a ‘heap dump’ from a Ruby app and analyze it for information relating to memory usage.

Alexis Mas
Why does the optional ‘immutable strings’ functionality in Ruby 2.3+ matter and how does it assist performance?

Semaphore is a popular CI and deployment service and they have some useful stats on which Ruby versions are in use. 2.2.x takes the lead with 2.1.x close behind. Ruby 1.9 still clocks in at around 21%.

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Julia Evans
“Thread.raise is basically like a sneak attack on your code that could result in almost anything.”

The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Alex Dymo's book has just been released - "the first book ever that consolidates all the Ruby performance optimization advice in one place"

Ross Kaffenberger
A test-driven dive into using enumerable methods and making a custom enumerator.

Rob Guilfoyle
The first in a two part series on using Rails 5 and Elasticsearch to build an e-commerce store with an effective search feature.

Brandon Hilkert
A look at the opportunities for splitting out unique microservices using Sidekiq, without introducing an enterprise message broker like RabbitMQ.


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