Ruby Weekly
Issue 284 — February 11, 2016
Aaron Patterson
Don’t be ashamed if placing puts (or p) statements throughout your code is your debugging style - Ruby and Rails core team member Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson does it, and shows off a ton of great examples here.

Matsumoto R
ngx_mruby makes it possible to implement NGINX modules in Ruby using mruby, the embeddable Ruby interpreter.

Mike Perham
Mike Perham urges us to be harsh with our dependencies because they can cause widespread issues, and he recommends we favor stdlib libraries in our own gems over third party alternatives (which should become optional).

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Cloud 66

Logical Reality Design
Xing couples together a Rails API backend with Angular on the front-end. A 1.0 release is due in March. Want to learn more? There’s an online book about it.

Alexander Dymo
The latest in a line of Ruby 2.3 benchmarks. A 4x performance increase is seen due to CGI.escapeHTML now being written in C.

Richard Schneeman
“Sufficiently advanced programming magic is indistinguishable from a good interface,” says Richard Schneeman.

Sam Phippen
It’s still a beta but a significant release nonetheless as Rails 5 support is baked in. This release is aimed at RSpec users upgrading to Rails 5 who want to check their existing RSpec suites.


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