Ruby Weekly
Issue 285 — February 18, 2016
Ruby on Rails Guides
A still under development official guide to using Rails 5’s ‘Rails API’ feature to create an API-only app.
Following on from this lengthy discussion, has published its own code of conduct, of sorts. The general reaction appears to be negative so far with many citing the guidelines’ general weakness and lack of concrete examples.

Piotr Murach
A nice framework for building simple command line interfaces. We’ve linked this before but it’s got a new homepage and been updated.

RedisGreen  Sponsored
Ever wonder what your Redis server was actually doing? Find out with RedisGreen's dashboard and monitoring tools.


Mark Phelps
Summaries and comparisons of Delayed::Job, Sidekiq, and SuckerPunch.

Kingsley Silas
Protect your site/app from spam and abuse by hooking up Google’s ReCAPTCHA service to check that your user is, most likely, human.

Ilija Eftimov
A refresher on what mixins are and a look at testing them in isolation.

Jake Yesbeck
Using threads to make your code more efficient is a good idea, but it can cause issues with ActiveRecord if you’re not careful.

Leigh Halliday
The first in a two parter (part two here) with practical comparisons of features between Rails and Elixir’s Phoenix framework.


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