Ruby Weekly
Issue 286 — February 25, 2016
Ruby News
Core team support for Ruby 2.0.0 ended this week with no bug and security fixes forthcoming. Ruby 2.1’s maintenance phase will end with 2.1.9 in March. Everyone is recommended to upgrade to 2.2 or 2.3 soon.

Richard Schneeman
A look at why the Rails asset pipeline can seem so slow and how Heroku was able to get a 12x performance improvement on some apps with Sprockets version 3.3+.

The largest gathering of Rails developers in the world heads to Kansas City. The program is now live.

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Alexander Dymo
Alex continues his series of Ruby 2.3 performance posts with a look at the new, experimental frozen string literals feature (set to be enabled by default in Ruby 3.0).

Starr Horne
Rails 5’s ActionCable brings WebSockets to the fore for Rails developers, but what are WebSockets and how do they work? How better to learn than by creating a WebSockets server from scratch.

Jacob Rothstein
An in-depth look at how Nokogiri’s architecture facilitates Loofah’s integration with it, with a view to switching Loofah’s dependency from Nokogiri to Oga.

Andrei Horak
The most popular Ruby repositories on GitHub have been scanned and you can see which ones use which gems with this online tool.

Elle Meredith
Some guidelines as to whether to use a gem in your project or not.


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