Ruby Weekly
Issue 288 — March 11, 2016

Do not adjust your set - you're getting Ruby Weekly on Friday this week. I've been chairing a conference and ran out of time, but back on schedule next week :-)
- Peter Cooper, your humble editor

Parker Selbert
ActionCable will be fine for a small number of sessions, but scaling persistent connections to thousands may not be so easy. Here’s a way to lean on the power of Elixir to help Rails out.

Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski
A practical look at some of the changes in Rails 5 and how to be prepared for upgrading your apps.

Jerry D'Antonio
Inspired by Erlang, Clojure, Haskell, and Functional Java.  Sponsored
Honeybadger just launched several new integrations that make it easier than ever to integrate exception monitoring into your ops workflow.

Richard LaFranchi
A walkthrough of creating a Rails app that uses Vue.js, a reactive interface component library for the front-end.

Leigh Halliday
A look at producing a web API that’s standards-compliant and follows the well fleshed out and defined json:api spec.

Robert Qualls
A quick but code heavy look at how the ‘adapter’ pattern is used by multi_json, ActiveRecord, and Moneta, and then how to use it yourself.

Julia Evans
There are essentially 4 underlying HTTP libraries (Net::HTTP, Excon, httpclient, and libcurl) with others building on top.


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