Ruby Weekly
Issue 289 — March 17, 2016
Jon McCartie
Uses ‘resolv-replace’, part of the stdlib, to replace the typical DNS resolution process in Ruby, letting you override lookups with a custom hosts file.

Jake Yesbeck
ActiveRecord uses Arel, a relational algebra library, under the hood to put together SQL queries, but you can use it directly for more power.

Lazarus Lazaridis
A Rails app that helps you quickly mock API endpoints and includes a straightforward interface to set them up.

Imgix  Sponsored
With imgix, integrating responsive images into your app could not be easier. imgix resizes, crops, and processes images on demand and has a robust Rails gem to make integration easy. Learn how to start delivering responsive images in less than 30 minutes.


Richardson Dackam
Looks at JVM options, how garbage collection works, how to deal with memory errors, and tools specific to the JRuby ecosystem.

Peng Lv
An extension for Microsoft’s free code editor that provides rich Ruby language and debugging support. Still under development.

Harry Lucas
A thorough Ruby-oriented introduction to a design pattern that allows a group of interchangeable, similarly structured, multi-step algorithms to be defined.

InfraRuby Vision Limited
It requires annotations for field types, method signatures, etc, but supports much of Ruby and boasts high performance.


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