Ruby Weekly
Issue 297 — May 12, 2016
The Changelog
Adam Stacoviak caught up with Matz, the creator of Ruby, to discuss the origins of the language, its history and future, Ruby 3.0, Elixir, and more. (1h20m audio.)

Jeff Nappi
Rails 5.0 is now more than ready to play with. This is a quick introduction to getting it up and running and a very simple Action Cable example.

Jesus Castello
Early on in Ruby, you learn to evaluate a math expression in irb. What’s the magic behind this operation? Create your own evaluation engine and find out.

AppSignal  Sponsored
Why pay for an exception tracker plus New Relic, when you can get all the insights you need in a single tool? AppSignal, the European alternative, has fully featured plans starting at just $19 for unlimited hosts.


RailsConf 2016
Relaxed reflections on the history and meaning of Rails and Basecamp as a way to explain Rails' ongoing relevance. The final 10 minutes has the more feature-based/newsy stuff.

Devdatta Kane
Devdatta Kane defines JSON Web Tokens and shows how to use JWT authentication in Rails with Devise.

Google Cloud Platform Blog
Want to deploy Rails, Sinatra, or other Rack-based apps on to Google’s Cloud Platform? Various getting started guides and samples are available.

AAaron Lasseigne
When was the last time you created an Enumerator? We use enumerables all over the place but it’s rare to see Here’s a reminder of what they can do.

Ruby Heroes
Congratulations to Coraline Ada Ehmke, Akira Matusda, Anika Lindtner, Laura Gaetano, Sara Regan, Koichi Sasada, Richard Schneeman, Avdi Grimm, and Charles Nutter.


  • Backend Engineer, Founding Team at RestedOver 40 million Americans currently suffer from some form of untreated sleep disorder. We want to change that. We’re looking for a backend engineer with a passion for helping others to join our founding team. Rested
  • Rails Developer at mRelief (Chicago, IL)Join Y Combinator non-profit mRelief and help transform the way low-income Americans access the most important social services through innovative web, text messaging and voice platforms.  mRelief

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